Chemistry of PAHs

We are interested in the synthesis of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, commonly abbreviated as PAHs. The synthesis of increasingly larger PAHs is often accompanied by poor solubility, which makes their purification and characterization difficult. Using a combination of classical and modern chemistry we try to make large, unfunctionalized PAHs on a gram scale.

Apart from just synthesizing them, we are also interested in studying their physical properties, in particular to gain insight in the chemical reactivity of graphene. In addition, we study the spectroscopic properties of PAHs in the context of astrochemistry. To verify and support our findings we use high level computational Chemistry.

Lastly, we use PAHs in the bottom-up synthesis of 2D membranes. Constructing membranes from different building blocks, we can generate membranes with fine-tuned properties.